In 2017, a female entrepreneur from the post-90s generation, KATE YONG, established the MORANE GLOBAL micro-enterprise company. In the same year, she created MAE, which has since caused a sensational impact in Malaysia.

She has close to 9 years of experience in Internet entrepreneurship.


In her years of being a student, she started off with selling clothes online. This led to the creation of her own micro-business team of thousands at the age of 21, and the achievement of a stable 6-figure income every month. By the age of 23, she established her first company, MORANE GLOBAL, as well as her own brand, MAE, in the same year, 2017.

Her initial approach towards entrepreneurship was very simple. She only wanted a side income of RM400 a month to cover living expenses, including food and transportation costs. Even back then, she faced numerous setbacks and challenges. Every day, she burnt the midnight oil as she attended classes and studied before she could process and package orders – all by herself.

That continued until a destined coincidence, when she started to gain exposure to products from China. As the effectiveness of this one product was remarkably obvious, its sales flourished in a short span of time. She saw the business opportunity and decided to invest all the assets she had accumulated in the past years. In order to motivate herself, she would put all her stock by her room door. Looking at the batch of stocks every day before and after sleeping gave her a higher sense of determination – that she must finish selling them in the fastest way possible. She embraced a mind-set of “only success, and no failure” while leading her team members, subsequently forming her first thousand-member team in 8 months.

It was not until 2017 when KATE YONG realized that if she wanted to make further and longer progress, she ought to have her own brand and company to better safeguard the interests of her agents. She officially established the MORANE GLOBAL company, with great importance placed on the ingredients and raw materials included in all its products. Every product was tested personally for a month to ensure its effectiveness, with every aspect strictly checked before the products were launched.

In that same year, KATE YONG started the MAE brand and once again, caused a sensational impact in Malaysia. She placed high priority on the quality and content of the products, and would rather spend on ingredients, despite it being at a higher price, to ensure their effectiveness and quality. Its initial launching of the 7 Star Slimming Series in 2018 generated high levels of recognition among its users, as it received high praise and was greatly recommended. In 2019, the launching of MAE’s 7 Star Rejuvenating Skincare Series broke sales records yet again, exceeding 2 million in revenue in a short 2-week period.

Apart from the recognition and approval of the customers, KATE YONG had also created the MAE brand to enable women all over the world in discovering their own versions of a happy and successful life. As she had experienced the journey of having to fumble about in direction and means without a leader herself, she now has a profound mission – which is to assist all Asian women in realizing their dreams through the MAE brand, to achieve an extraordinary life. As of now, she has managed to set multiple success benchmarks for the post-90s generation, including university students, office workers, tuition teachers and graduates. She has succeeded in letting all women know that as long as you want to, you can also create a channel of wealth that you desire, and become a financially independent woman.

“A diamond will always shine.” “Every human being is a value stock.”
These sayings are the messages that she insists on bringing to light,
to further influence the vast majority of women out there.

ceo information


Founding veteran of Malaysian micro-business

8 years Internet entrepreneurship experience


Founder of MAE brand

Conducted over 900 sessions of on-and off-line public speaking training

1. 2017 Established exclusive brand, which has caused a sensational impact in Malaysia

2. 2017 Designed exclusive on-and off-line educational system – SEED Programme

3. 2018 Asia Pacific Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneur Award

4. 2018 International Prestige Brand Award

5. 2018 THE PAGE business magazine cover model

6. 2019 CITY PLUS FM entrepreneur interviewee

7. 2019 Feminine’s Resounding Queen Award recipient

8. 2019 Published first book “从镜子走出的钻石”

9. 2020 Founded the educational institution – KATE YONG ACADEMY