MAE is an exclusive brand created by MORANE GLOBAL, a micro-enterprise that has caused a
sensational impact in Malaysia since its establishment in 2017.
MAE is an Internet entrepreneurship platform operating in relation to the word “beauty” in Chinese.
Insisting on expert technology and natural ingredients of the highest standards,
MAE pursues to assist people in rediscovering their health and beauty.

「 MAE 」

The pronunciation of MAE sounds very similar to that of the word “beauty” in Chinese, which corresponds with our brand’s take on a new generation of beauty. The founding aspiration of MAE is to enable each and every user to radiate with their own unique charm and elegance. In the creation of the MAE brand, we chose to uphold the concept of 3 E, which stands for Extraordinary, Elegant, and Enthusiasm.

From an approach of advancement and expert technology (extraordinary), MAE offers a specially designed product of excellent quality to help our users uncover the most graceful (elegant) form of beauty, which will be unique to themselves. By and by, reviving passion and belief (enthusiasm) towards life, as well as in themselves. The existence of MAE enables users all over the world to uncover this unique confidence and charm within themselves, thus allowing people from all walks of life to reveal their most authentic selves.


1 Boldness, courage and innovation to provide users with products of the highest quality and effectiveness, thus
inspiring trust in our users.

2 With passion towards increasing one’s value, to become the most respectable health and beauty brand in Asia, raising
the quality of life for the masses


1. To help each and every user radiate with their own unique charm and confidence through the MAE brand.

2. To persist in an approach of advancement, to provide a product of the highest quality, distinctiveness and effectiveness.

3. To strive towards a higher quality of life for the people,creating value for the users, thus contributing to society.

4. To assist our users in uncovering their unique, most graceful form of beauty and in reviving their passion and confidence in themselves.

5. To become the most influential Internet entrepreneurship platform in Asia.

6. To realise the dreams of all Asian users, achieving an extraordinary life.


MAE’s vision is to devote all efforts into becoming a reputable brand in beauty and wellness, as well as to become the most influential entrepreneurship platform on the Internet.


MAE’s mission is to provide products of the highest quality and effectiveness, to fulfill the health and beauty requirements of people. Furthermore, we are committed to the development of a robust platform for Internet entrepreneurship, to empower people in achieving their dreams and an extraordinary life.